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Who we are:

Brian and Heidi Stone, founders of Seeking Messiah, have been celebrating the Feasts of. Yahweh and honoring Torah since 2005.  What a ride! 🙂
In 2019 we opened our home to a Torah fellowship study in the Bastrop area and now we are part of a larger community called Central Texas Torah Community. 

We are Saturday Sabbath keepers who fellowship in a large group once a month in Bastrop and have scattered fellowships throughout the Bastrop and Washington County area the other weeks.  We have open discussion in our fellowship time discussing the annual Torah portion for the week or other selected texts.  We would love to add your fellowship to our extended community so let us know if you would like to join us for our corporate fellowship on the 2nd Saturday of the month in Bastrop. 

We do our best to seek Messiah and show His love and grace to others by not being combative about the usual issues that have tended to divide the Hebrew Roots Movement.  It is our desire and vision to be light to the world around us and to serve in our communities while sharing the blessing of Torah and YHWH’s appointed feasts. 

Our email is if you’d like more information about us or just want to get together with Brian, Daniel, or Chris (our leadership team) for lunch or a cup of coffee. 

We look forward to seeing the goodness of Yah in the gathering of His people.

Shalom, y’all! 
      Seeking Messiah

Central Texas Torah Community Sukkot Fall 2022