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It’s Time To Come Together Again

Shalom Bastrop Torah Community, 

Heidi and I pray every one of you is blessed and prospering in YHWH as the world around us is trying to find a new “normal” post lockdown.

I am reminded we have a sure foundation. YHWH is an unfailing anchor to keep us from succumbing to the plans of the evil one as we are witnessing the foreshadow of the “hour of testing” that is coming on the whole world.

Recently, at a critical point for me, I became aware we are experiencing a largely engineered event created to elicit fear and confusion. A measure of darkness has descended on humanity and especially onto our nation. This time has been foretold in Scripture and has been long-planned for by the enemy. Worldwide power is being consolidated while a stage is being set for the 10 ruler confederacy which will rise and then bow to the Torah-less One (more commonly known as the Antichrist or False Messiah). All humanity will be expected to follow their lead as they help usher in the final system of the beast. I don’t know if this will take months or years from here but it will happen and, barring a great awakening, life as we have previously known before the lockdown, will not return any more than we had a return to life as it was before 9/11 once Homeland Security measures were put in place.

We might be tempted to feel burdened with this knowledge and yet in this situation, we have an opportunity to wrestle with our Creator as Jacob did. He desires to remake us into the image of Yeshua like Jacob became Israel. However, as the patriarch did, are we willing to say (and do) like he said: “I won’t let you go until you bless me.”

Have you grown weary in well-doing? Have we been willing to sacrifice obedience to Yah’s Word to not forsake the gathering of the saints for perceived safety & security? I think y’all know what Yeshua has to say about that subject.

I can’t and shouldn’t tell you how to live your life or tell you how to respond to a government-mandated cease and desist order. However, I do know none of us are immune to the wiles of Ha-Satan. Sh’aul stated (Heb 10:25), we should be: “encouraging one another – all the more as you see the Day approaching.” Our Heavenly Abba has created us to need each other. Trying to do this on our own is a life of defeat and retreat. 

With that in mind, we are opening our house this Shabbat (5/23) at 1 PM for fellowship, praise, and Torah study. This week’s portion is about the census of the tribes. Will we be counted among His people?  Will we be physically present when His Ruach wants to move among us.

I cannot convey strongly enough how much we all need to fellowship in physical proximity with other believers whether with us here or somewhere else. Please get engaged where He leads you. But by all means, get engaged and don’t back down because your spiritual life depends on it.

Bamidbar – “In The Desert”

NUMBERS 1:1-4:20|



Please come with your Bible and, if you are able to stay and break bread with us, it would be great to share a meal. We will have the grill up and running. Bring your meat or main dish and a side to share. Please reach out to Heidi if you have other questions about what to bring.

Also, a friendly reminder to invite you to put it on your calendars to join us for the Sabbath of Shavuot on Sunday, May 31 – Feast of Weeks for fellowship and worship. We count from the morrow (Sunday) of the Shabbat following Pesach and end the counting on the 50th day on a Sunday. If that is not the calendar you keep you are still welcome to be part of a gathering.

We will keep in touch about plans for a holy convocation as we are instructed to gather on that day.