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Chanukah 2019 – DONE!!

The Airaudi family! Lisa & Dani’el were essential to the success of this fantastic evening!
Photo: Lisa Airaudi

Our very first Chanukah party as a community was a smashing success. We all pulled together to create a marvelous evening. The Vargas’ family, of 5000 Catering, provided a wonderful biblically clean beef/chicken fajita dinner with all the trimmings for 80+ guests including our community, the Brenham Torah Community and friends from College Station, Bryan, and Bastrop.

Photo: Lisa Airaudi

We enjoyed wonderful storytelling and teaching from founder of the Brenham community, Jay Carper of AmericanTorah.com, blessings, and encouragement from Sid & Deb Davila, a current events update and conversation about YHWH’s movements in the heavenlies by Brian Stone. We were able to participate in music and worship provided by Heidi Stone, Dani’el Airaudi, and Joe Cox, dance led by Lisa Airaudi and enjoyed by many in our group, and a lot of laughter, joy, and fun by all we celebrated Chanukkah joyfully and beautifully.

Will this be an annual event? Not sure!!! But it was a wonderful night anyway and I know for sure I am looking forward to our next large scale party!

Sid & Deb Davila leading us in the Chanukkah blessings and
encouraging us after we lit the Chanukkiah for the 7th night
Photo: Jay Carper
Ful house!
Photo: Jay Carper